Youth Boosting Core Challenge

Video by CJ Jones Leake

A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador CJ Jones Leake. Check out his page for more posts.


Now here’s a thought. Today is the youngest we’ll ever be again.


But too often our bodies are making us feel like the oldest we’ve ever been, stopping us from appreciating our youthful potential. And if there’s one thing guaranteed to put years on us, it’s a stiff back. Sitting for long periods of time, poor posture, busy lifestyles and too many static hold exercises (like planks) make us prone to stiffness in the back.


Our spines are designed to move freely and easily in all directions: bending forwards and sideways, lengthening and rotating. But our spine’s capacity to support us in life is only as good as its ability to be able to move segmentally. When vertebrae get stuck movement becomes limited to a few segments of the spine, trashing our capacity to transfer loads through the body efficiently. When a section of the back gets stuck the joints above and below have to compensate for the stiffer sections, leading to imbalances, poor posture and pain. Making our bodies feel far older than we need to feel.


Join me for a youth-boosting challenging core workout.


Bit by bit, vertebrae by vertebrae, we’ll gain sequential control of our small stabilising muscles so we can roll up, over and through our spines. We’ll challenge our ability to roll through our spines in different directions to unlock stiff vertebrae, become aware which parts of our spine are carrying the most tension and learn new ways to feel younger and more vibrant. It’s a short on-time-big-on-impact Pilates workout.


With just 30 minutes standing between you and feeling the anti-aging benefits of a more flexible spine, what’s stopping you?

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